Manchester Cathedral

New Appointment

Congratulations to Ulrike who has recently been appointed as the Cathedral Architect for Manchester Cathedral. Ulrike takes over from John Prichard who is retiring.

Ulrike is now Cathedral Architect for three Cathedrals. She has been Cathedral Architect at Bradford Cathedral since 2007 and Liverpool Cathedral since 2012

The Stone Show

All things Stone

Tools of the tradeWe recently attended the Natural Stone Show in London – it was a great day of exhibitions, seminars and demonstrations of anything and everything relating to natural stone. Peter Harrison’s talk on stone detailing was particularly insightful.

Leading on from the Natutal Stone Show is Marmomac to be held in Verona in September - Marmomac is the leading global event for the natural stone industry and represents the entire supply chain, from raw material to semi-finished and finished products, from processing machinery and technologies to applications of stone in architecture and design.

Scottish Lime Centre

Lime Mortars and Masonry Repairs Training  

IMG_4376Stephen McConnell of our office recently completed a number of practical training sessions at The Scottish Lime Centre including making quicklime, slaking lime, mixing lime mortars, preparing and repointing stone walls, applying renders and undertaking different types of stone repairs. Stephen said ‘the courses were an ideal combination of practical and seminar based sessions giving a thorough overview of lime based products and masonry repairs – it was great to use traditional materials and understand the heritage skills required for the various repairs that we specify for our projects’.



Giving to Heritage

Training for Fundraisers 

We attended an excellent day’s training recently organised by the Heritage Alliance in partnership with the Institute of Fundraising. The training programme is for people from a heritage or community group with responsibility to develop and deliver fundraising activities for heritage projects. There are number of different opportunities to learn about different aspects of fundraising through these excellent workshops. Please see the Giving to Heritage website  for details of future workshops and other fundraising training opportunities.