We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of church lighting schemes. Working with mechanical & electrical engineers, lighting designers, systems integrators and light fitting manufacturers to enhance and bring to life your church, both inside and out.

Typical lighting shortcomings in churches;

  • Poor and uneven levels of illumination – approach to the building, entrances, routes are often poorly lit; internal light levels are often very low.
  • Frequent bulb failure with associated Health and Safety access for bulb replacement – lights are usually at high level.  Out of date systems have high running costs.
  • Little or no illumination of roof and other attractive architectural / interior features.
  • Colour of lighting is ‘cold’ and does not provide a welcoming atmosphere.
Key design considerations for re-lighting churches;
  • Lighting of congregation so that prayer and hymn books can be easily read.
  • Lighting levels increase as one moves from the nave to the choir and chancel and be brightest around the altar, naturally leading the eye in the direction of the main focus of worship.
  • Uplighters provide softer light illuminating the roof without detracting from the focus on the main worship space. Directional spotlights illuminate key church features.
  • Fittings can be discretely positioned or be on show in the form of pendants/chandeliers.
  • LED systems currently being installed in many churches and cathedrals as they overcome many of the shortcomings.